10 Best Paintball Masks to Buy Online

Paintballing is a fun game and a fantastic way to spend time with your buddies as well as to get some physical exercise. As the paintball sport is increasing, the demand for the best paintball masks is also increasing. If you are planning to buy a paintball mask, you need to keep in mind some important facts and features before investing your money in it.

Choosing the best paintball mask out of so many choices available can be a real struggle. But working completely on your side, I have tested and reviewed the 10 best paintball masks available to buy online. You can go through my detailed reviews and experiences with these masks to make a final buying decision.

A paintball mask, also known as paintball goggles, is all about safety, anti-fog, better visibility, and much more.

So these are some of the things which I am going to discuss here today, but before jumping to our main topic let me tell you briefly about what a paintball mask is. And how to choose the right paintball mask for you?

How to choose the best paintball mask?

The best paintball mask is the one that provides complete protection to your eyes, ears, and whole face while playing in any field or weather with any temperature.

In this post, I am going to tell you about the top 10 paintball masks and the features that make them the best.​ You will also find out what type of mask you need according to your budget, environment, and playing style.

❗Do not forget to check out my detailed buying guide at the end of this post which will help you in picking up the perfect mask for yourself.

I personally liked Virtue VIO Paintball Masks with Dual Pane Thermal Anti-Fog Lenses for their durability and comfort. 

Overall a great high-profile mask for paintball players

✔ For those looking for an affordable choice

I would recommend the Valken Paintball MI-7 Mask to all those who are looking for an affordable paintball mask. As it’s an inexpensive and functional paintball goggle. 

✔ For Pro players

If you are a pro paintball player and want to buy a pro paintball goggle then Bunkerkings CMD Paintball Goggles/Mask is definitely a great choice for you. I had a very good experience using this paintball goggle. It’s a bit expensive but a great value for money.

✔ For beginners

I recommend this Dye i5 Paintball Goggle to all beginner-level players. It would be a great starter mask for you if you want to thrive in the short and improve your skill level.

Top 10 paintball masks to Buy Online – List of Products

Every paintball player knows that the top priority for a great day of playing is to have the best paintball mask. The paintball mask is one of the most important pieces of gear you will ever buy.

  • Dye
  • 0.3 Kilograms
  • 9.06 x 7.09 x 6.3 inches
Check on AmazonCheck on Ebay
  • HK Army
  • 0.63 Kilograms
  • ‎11.5 x 8.5 x 8.2 inches
Check on AmazonCheck on Ebay
  • Dye
  • 0.72 Kilograms
  • 13 x 11 x 9 inches
Check on AmazonCheck on Walmart
  • Valken
  • 0.41 Kilograms
  • 9 x 7 x 8 inches | Polycarbonate
Check on AmazonCheck on Walmart
  • JT0.59 Kilograms
  • 9.02 x 8.5 x 7.52 inches
  • Anti-fog coating
Check on AmazonCheck on Ebay
  • Virtue Paintball-0.52 Kilograms
  • 8.43 x 8.43 x 7.09 inches
  • Hydrophobic Coating
Check on AmazonCheck on Ebay
  • Virtue Paintball-0.54 Kilograms
  • 8.43 x 8.43 x 7.09 inches
  • Silicone
Check on AmazonCheck on Walmart
  • Bunker Kings
  • 0.54 Kilograms
  • ‎ 8.6 x 8.5 x 7.5 inches
  • Polycarbonate
Check on AmazonCheck on Ebay
  • Empire
  • Paintball-0.82 Kilograms
  • 9.2 x 8.7 x 8.5 inches
Check on AmazonCheck on Ebay
  • Valken-0.41 lbs
  • 9 x 5 × 6 inches
  • Plastic
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A good paintball mask will help you focus on the game/target by protecting your face, eyes, and ears from direct hits by high-speed paintballs.

The best paintball masks in 2022 are designed specifically for the sport so they can handle the impact of a paintball hitting the lenses. They’re also designed to be comfortable enough that they don’t distract you while playing.

Some masks are designed specifically for use with different types of paintball guns, so it’s important to consider what type of gun you’re going to be using before purchasing a mask. If you’re looking for something more basic, there are plenty of options available for beginner players as well.

I have compiled a list of some of the best paintball masks on the market today and have reviewed each one in detail. 

At the end of my reviews, I also mentioned some important factors to consider when buying a paintball mask. Let’s get started!

Detailed Reviews Of the 10 Best Paintball Masks

1. DyePrecision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle -The best comfortable mask for all facial contours

9.6/10 Our Score
  • Brand:Dye
  • Color:Black
  • Item Weight:0.3 Kilograms

Dye Precision i4 thermal paintball mask is the widely bought mask online. The product has a Global rating of 4.8/5.. 

If you are looking for a paintball mask with an anti-fog thermal lens, Dye precision i4 is one of the best choices. I found this paintball goggle breathable and comfortable for my face cut.

Another interesting feature was the multi-directional venting system that made it easy to communicate with my team. As it was not compressing my voice. 

One of my initial paintball masks was of average quality and the worst part of my experience was its hard ear protection area. But fortunately, the ear protection of Dye’s mask was flexible and soft. And I was comfortable while wearing it during my long days of play.

DyePrecision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggl- 1st best paintball mask describing with shoot

Another positive feature of this goggle is its fog-free lenses. I was wearing it for 5-6 hours during my testing and to my surprise, it didn’t fog much.

One of the major drawbacks of this mask is the lack of a visor. It doesn’t provide any solid protection to the head. So when I tried to use it for woodsball, the result was disappointing. 

I recommend this mask to the players who are keen on solid face protection. This mask fits tightly on the face. 

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of product found in testing. 

  • Fits right to face
  • Can be used for airsoft as well
  • Doesn’t fog much
  • Comes with many lens options
  • Comes with many lens options
  • Not suitable for bigger faces
  • Overpriced mask
  • Lacking visor
  • Average quality lenses

2. HK Army Paintball KLR Thermal Anti-Fog Mask – Perfect mask for players with glasses

9.2/10 Our Score
  • Brand: HK Army
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight:0.63 Kilograms

This thermal anti-fog paintball mask is one of the most suitable choices for players with glasses. The product has a Customer rating of 4.1/5.. 

I ordered this paintball mask recently with high expectations. And upon opening the package I got to know that it came with a few scratches(though I don’t mind that). But there was another slight disappointment; in the form of lens coloration. I chose an orange lens but it came in somewhat red and yellow. I think the customer service of the brand is somehow poor.

Other than that the mask was well built. 

HK Army Paintball KLR Thermal Anti-Fog Mask- 2nd best paintball mask

I was wearing it to my games on sunny days and visibility was great for me. So I consider this as one of the major positive points of HK Army’s goggles for paintball. 

Other than lens quality and coloration, it was a fine quality mask with average functionality. 

Mask was easy to use and keep and I liked to use it occasionally. 

I found this suitable for all those players who like low-profile masks as they are not frequent players. Not suitable for avid players due to the average quality of lenses.

I have listed some of the major points that I liked and disliked upon using this product. 

  • Good visibility while facing the sun
  • Comes with colorful lenses
  • Fits well on glasses too
  • Well built mask
  • Average lens quality
  • Fog up easily
  • Chinstrap was a bit low quality

3. Dye i5 Paintball Goggle – An updated version of the world-famous Dye i4

9.6/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Dye
  • Color: Storm 2020
  • Item Weight:0.72 Kilograms

This is the updated version of the famous Dye i4 mask which is among highly reviewed choices online. This paintball mask has an average customer rating of 4.8/5.. 

I had a good experience with the i4 mask. The only drawback was its poor head protection

And I anticipated that this i5 would make up for that lack. But there was no significant upgrade in this version. Overall it came with the same specification as the i4. Only the lens change-out option is more functional and the mask looks quite stylish and fascinating in the field.

Dye i5 Paintball Goggle 3rd best paintball mask describing shoots

One major negative point is the fragile lenses of this goggle. When I tried to clean the lenses after some use, minor scratches appeared on the lens. I tried hard to fix those scratches but to no avail. So if you are really wanting a mask with crystal clear lenses, don’t buy this version of the Dye mask. 

Other than poor quality lenses this mask is a good stylish choice for the players. 

As I think lack of head protection is not really a hindrance. You can easily make up for this by putting on a headscarf or small helmet.

I recommend this paintball goggle to the players who have a knack for style in everything. This is a very stylish and sturdy mask that protects your face completely.

The top advantages and disadvantages of this version of the Dye mask are given below.

  • Great ventilation
  • Doesn’t fog up
  • The easy lens change out
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Great face protection
  • Low head protection
  • Fragile lenses
  • Very expensive

4. Valken Paintball MI-7 Goggle/Affordable choice with Dual Pane & Thermal Lens

9.1/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Vlaken
  • Color: Olive
  • Item Weight: 0.41 Kilograms

This dual pane, thermal lens mask is a lightweight goggle for paintball players. The product comes with an average rating of 4.5/5.. 

It was listed on Amazon as an entry-level mask. And I thought to give it a try. Though I was a bit skeptical about the protection it may offer. But surprisingly it worked for the job when I got hit closely by a fast-moving paintball. It served the purpose and the lens didn’t break off. 

Another fascinating thing was its ease of disassembly. And during the hot days, I was able to remove the upper head part (visor). 

Zsz Though the price is very low comparatively. But the mask still has good quality lenses and it didn’t fog up even after using it for 4-5 hours. 

Another apprehension was if it is comfortable to wear while aiming at low positioned targets. 

Luckily, it didn’t have a rear stock which helped me look down and aim easily while wearing this mask.

After using it for some months now, I can easily say that it’s one of the great choices for beginners or entry-level players. Or those who are looking for a paintball mask under $50.

I found it suitable and functional for beginner-level players. Other than a few comfort issues, it’s a great value for money if it fits you well.

Some of the pros and cons of the product are here for your help.

  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with a removable visor
  • Good face protection
  • Great lens quality
  • Uncomfortable ear protection
  • Not very comfortable for bigger heads
  • Doesn’t look sleek

5. JT Premise Paintball Goggle Single Pane – A paintball mask brand with multiple versions

9.2/10 Our Score
  • Brand: JT
  • Color: Camo
  • Item Weight: 0.59 Kilograms

JT is offering this highly rated paintball goggle along with other versions including JT Flex 8 Full coverage Google and the new version JT Proflex Paintball Mask. This version has a global rating of 4.6/5.. 

I played several times with this well-built and affordable mask. And after using it for some time I got to know what single pane exactly means. Mask had ventilation holes on it. Still, when I sweat, it came to the lens. And every time the lens fogged up easily even after use for a few hours. So the major con of this mask is it doesn’t come with a thermal lens. And it’s a single pane, clear lens that gets foggy. 

So practically it was not a functional mask for me. And I had to quit using it in the summer. And later in cold weather, I thought to give it one more try. And this time the results were better. It didn’t fog up that much but still, you would have to clean the lenses in between the games. 

JT premise paintball goggle describing mask

Overall mask is very easy to maintain and clean. It also offers solid ear and eye protection.

I don’t wear glasses personally. But one of my fellow paintball players was greatly attracted by the color and design of my JT premise mask. And when he wanted to try it on, it didn’t fit on his glasses. So basically it is not suitable for people with glasses. 

I recommend this paintball goggle or mask to the players who play in cold areas or weather conditions. During summers it fogs up easily.

Some primary pros and cons experienced are;

  • Easy to clean
  • A good ear and chin protection
  • Fascinating color
  • Affordable paintball goggle
  • Anti-fog coating cracks easily
  • Not a thermal lens mask, fogs up easily
  • Bad visibility

6. Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Goggle/Masks-High-End performance mask with a mid-range price

9.4/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Virtue Paintball
  • Color: black
  • Item Weight: 0.52 Kilograms

This brand offers paintball goggles in three versions VIO contour, VIO Ascend, and VIO XS. Contour and XS are the updated versions of the Virtue mask. The product has an average rating of 4.7/5.. 

This is another popular choice of most paintball players because of its sleek design and perfect fitting. These masks are particularly comfortable for big-headed persons. Unlike other low-profile options available in the market, it has great breathability. Its medium price range is another positive point about the product. 

I was happy to see that it fit perfectly well on me and absorbed sweating. The foam used inside these masks was quite comfortable.

The only issue I faced was its dull visibility in humid weather conditions. I found the lenses of average quality as lots of scratches appeared on lenses after a few uses. I tried to clean the lens with traditional cleaning clothes but it was useless. After that, I was more careful about keeping its lens safe from further scratching. 

 Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Goggle/Masks describing shoot

Ear protection was somehow uncomfortable because rubber material was used instead of foam. 

Overall a good paintball mask under $100.

After using it for some time it was one of my favorite masks to use on the field. Even I recommended it to some of my fellow players who were looking for an affordable yet well-built mask.

It’s overall a great medium-priced mask under $100 for paintball players. You would only need to keep the lens from scratching. Or you can change the lens part later. 

I have listed the main positive and negative points for your assistance. 

  • Suitable for big heads
  • Great breathability
  • Medium price range
  • Fits perfectly
  • Absorb sweating
  • Uncomfortable ear protection
  • Dull visibility in humidity
  • Low-quality lenses

7. Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles/Masks with Dual Pane Thermal Anti-Fog Lenses

9.4/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Virtue Paintball
  • Color: Ramge of Colors
  • Item Weight: 0.54 Kilograms

Virtue VIO has another range of paintball masks with dual-pane thermal anti-fog lenses. Virtue VIO paintball masks have an average Global rating of 4.7/5.. 

I had a very exciting experience with the VIO Contour series so I decided to give this series a try too. And one of the most distinctive features of this mask is its 100% UV protection. 

The mask had a removable eye foam option. And I could easily insert or remove the eye foam according to the weather. It was way more comfortable for me than its counterparts. The coolest feature of this mask is its ability to change color lenses. 

Its Ascend series had dull visibility. But this version came with improved visibility and lens quality. To test and review all its features, I changed the lenses more often and it was hassle-free. 

The lens’ color or tinting was a bit off. It was not exactly as classy as shown in the picture. But overall it was better than VIO Ascend. Other than this it was slightly smaller on my face. When I tried to cover my forehead properly, my chin was exposed. 

So I wish it could be a little bigger in size and wider in design. But overall it would be a great purchase for people with smaller or skinny faces. 

I recommend this pro paintball mask to all the players with medium-smaller faces. As it won’t fit on bigger or fatty faces. 

Some of the primary advantages and disadvantages of this pro paintball mask are here;

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Offers a wide variety of styles and colors
  • Doesn’t fog up
  • Strong visor
  • Sturdy strap to keep the mask in place
  • Only suitable for heavy paintball guns
  • A bit smaller in shape and design
  • Lazy customer support of the brand

8. Bunkerkings CMD Paintball Goggles/Masks-Pro Microfiber mask with improved breathability

9.8/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Bunker Kings
  • Color: Black with a range of lens Colors
  • Item Weight: 0.54 Kilograms

Bunker kings pro paintball mask has great flexibility and breathability. This product has an average customer rating of 4.9/5.. 

While I was testing some of the pro masks for my pro players, I chose this one as a designer mask. It was made of anatomically correct geometry and soft materials. 

I especially loved its colored lenses with fascinating tints. It was easy to remove and reinstall the lenses after cleaning. The inside foam was also very comfortable and it was easy for me to pull it out and reinstall it after washing. 

Another grave issue with low-profile paintball masks is echo effects. But this is one of the best in terms of comfort and echo effects. There was almost no fogging up in any weather condition. 

Bunkerkings CMD Paintball GogglesMasks- describing mask

It looked sturdy and classy. And I liked to wear it on the field (some of my friends were also fascinated by this mask). 

It didn’t have many of the issues associated with paintball masks. Though the Bunker kings mask was very expensive as compared to other options in pro paintball masks. But I would say it’s a good value for money.

I found this mask suitable for pro players as it offers great visibility, functionality, and comfort. 

Pros and cons of this paintball pro mask are given below;

  • Paintball specific mask
  • Soft inside and breathable
  • Removable inside foam for easy wash
  • No echo effect and fogging
  • Great visibility
  • Mini visor area
  • Not suitable for airsoft

9. Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System Pro Microfiber mask with improved breathability

9.2/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Empire Paintball
  • Color: Black and white
  • Item Weight: 0.82 Kilograms

The mask has an online customer rating of 4.6/5.. 

If you are in search of a good paintball mask under $100, it’s surely a great choice for you. As this mask comes with a thermal, anti-fog lens. There are little to no fogging issues experienced with this mask. I was positively surprised by its functionality and durability. 

Another very important advantage of buying this is; that it’s suitable for different formats of paintball including woodsball and speedball. 

The mask was available in two colors. And I chose the white one. It was quite nice in appearance. 

Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System Pro Microfiber mask with improved breathability

Empire E Flex is generally a heavier and bigger mask. As you know I have a big head so it was a perfect choice for me. But its wider design was a bit loose on my nose. Though the mask comes with an adjustable fit, still I fear it won’t be suitable for players with smaller/slim faces. 

Lens change was also a bit complicated for me (it might be easier for you). Overall a good high-profile mask for multi-purpose gameplays. 

I mistakenly lost my inner eye area protection foam but luckily spare parts were available online. So I ordered those.  

I found it suitable for those who are looking for a multi-purpose mask. It would be great to buy for players who play woodsball or speedball or both.

A few top advantages and disadvantages are given below.

  • A durable and solid mask
  • Large and well-shaped
  • Suitable for speedball and woodsball
  • Comes with an adjustable fit
  • Huge lens and no echos
  • Doesn’t come with a visor
  • Heavyweight mask
  • Lens change is a bit complicated

10. Valken Paintball MI-5 Goggle/Mask – Single Lens – A great choice for those looking for an under $50 paintball mask

9.8/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Valken
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 0.41 Kilograms

Valken MI-5 comes with a single polycarbonate lens. And the product has an average customer rating of 4.4/5.. 

This mask on my list of best paintball masks in 2022 is one of the most inexpensive goggles. It could be a great starter for you if you are a beginner and looking for an affordable yet functional paintball mask. 

It would be a great choice if you are not playing paintball frequently and want to avoid rental masks on the field. Overall investing money in a low-profile mask was a matter of great concern for me. As I have been playing paintball for quite some years now. 

And being an avid player this mask was not a great choice for me. Still, I thought to give it a try to evaluate its functionality and breathability. And I must say it was not a bad experience at all. 

Though it had some issues with visibility and fogging in hot weather. Still, it was not the worst choice of mask after all. 

Another thing I want to mention here is that it won’t be suitable for you if you have a bigger head (you can go for MI-7 in this case). 

I recommend this mask to all less frequent and entry-level players. If you want to own a paintball-specified mask but are short on budget, go for Valken MI-5.

  • Easy to clean with water
  • Nice inside padding
  • Inexpensive
  • Great for kids and younger players
  • Great visibility
  • Not suitable for people with bigger heads
  • Not suitable for hot weather
  • Average quality anti-fog lenses

Buying Guide

The best paintball mask is a vital part of your paintball gear. Without a good paintball mask, you can’t even play. And, if you’re using a cheap mask or one that doesn’t work very well, you won’t be having the most fun possible.

But the right mask will help keep you protected and see clearly in all conditions.

That’s why I have researched what makes up the best paintball masks and how to find the right one for you. I considered all of these factors in my reviews above too.

Full Seal

The most important feature you should look for in a mask is a full seal. You want something that will fully cover your face and protect you from every angle. A mask that is not properly fitted or has improper ventilation can cause you to have a bad time during the game. It can make your face sweaty, blurry, and foggy while wearing the mask.

Face Protection 

A high-quality paintball mask is essential for protecting your face and eyes — which are some of the most important parts of your body. Not only will a good mask protect you from getting injured, but it will also help you play better by letting you comfortably see your surroundings.

Comfort and Visibility 

A comfortable fit and a good vision of the field are also important features to look out for when choosing your paintball mask. You want something that fits snugly on your face but is also easy to breathe in and offers plenty of ventilation to keep you cool while playing.

Many masks have anti-fog lenses, ensuring that you can see clearly through the entire game.

And many come with options to change the lenses.

Quick-Change Lens System

Lens system helps you to change the lens quickly. It can help you to play longer games by changing the lens instead of changing the whole mask.

Types of lenses:

You need to consider what type of lens is offered in a specific brand. There are a few basic types of lenses. 

Thermal Lens

Thermal lens is helpful in cold weather conditions. It does not fog easily and is made up of anti-fog material.

Dual Pane Thermal Anti-fog lenses

Most of the masks come with single pane thermal anti-fog lenses but dual-pane thermal anti-fog lenses help you to see better in extreme weather conditions like rain or snowfall.

Single Lens

Single-lens provides a wider view than other types of lenses like dual and triple panes lens. The only con which it has is it fogs easily so you have to make sure that it is made up of anti-fog material.

Considering all the above factors you can choose the best paintball mask/goggle for you in 2022.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about the Paintball masks;

What makes a mask perfect?

When it comes to buying a good quality mask, there are several things you need to consider. If it is your first time playing paintball, then you are not well aware of what precautions you need to take during this game. Here are some things you should keep in mind when choosing a mask:
Style, Size, Comfort, Weight, Anti-fog ability and Compatibility. 

What is a paintball mask called?

A paintball mask is also known as pain all goggle. It comes with different features and specifications to buy. 

Do paintball masks cover ears?

Paintball masks provide full face protection and that includes solid ear protection. A best paintball mask must keep your ears, chin, face and head safe from any potential injury.

Paintball is one of those sports where you can have fun and enjoy playing with your friends. Although it’s a high-adrenaline sport, still it won’t cause any serious injury when played with proper gear and safety precautions.

There are lots of people who love to play paintball and they know the importance of masks. Because you don’t want to get hit in the face or eyes while playing paintball.

And I hope my detailed article on the topic will help you choose the best paintball mask in 2022.

Harold Willoughby

Author: Harold Willoughby

I am a paintball enthusiast and a pro with over 12 years of professional experience in the paintball battleground. I have now dedicated my life towards training people in professional paintball competitions and tournaments.