Top 6 Professional Paintball Players of all time

In the world of sports, some athletes make their mark on the game. Some of these athletes are known for scoring points, some are known for making saves, and some are known for taking down opponents. These athletes become household names with their team’s fans. In the world of paintball, some players do all three.

Paintball has developed over the years and become a full-fledged professional sport. There are many professional paintball players who have gained fame through this sport. Today, I will throw a light at some of the top 6 paintball players of all time and their achievements as professional players.

Here is the list of the world’s top 6 professional paintball players of all time:

Ryan Greenspan – Professional Paintball Player

Ryan Greenspan has been a part of the professional paintball scene since as far back as 2002. He has won multiple championships in the professional division and international division of the sport. He is best known for his time spent playing with the team Dynasty. Ryan Greenspan has been playing with this team since 2003 and is still active with them today.


Ryan Greenspan- paintball one of the top 6 players

✔ Ryan Greenspan is currently a professional paintball player for Dynasty and owner of Team RNT.

✔ He began playing paintball in 1998 for Team Ground Zero.

✔ He later co-founded the team Aftershock and went on to win 7 NPPL Championships.

✔ In 2009, he joined Dynasty as a professional paintball player and has helped the team win 3 PSP World Championships.

Oliver LANG – XSV Captain in Paintball

Oliver LANG was born in Paris France and is a professional paintball player who used to play for the team SK Moscow Red Legion. He has also played for various other teams throughout his long career including teams such as Boston Red Legion, LA Ironmen, LA Infamous, LA XSV, San Antonio X-Factor, and more.

Oliver LANG- paintball one of the top 6 players


✔ Oliver Lang has won four world championships with the Los Angeles Ironmen between 2005 and 2010.

✔ He was named MVP at the 2003 NPPL Huntington Beach where he led his team to victory after overcoming a seven-point deficit against Anaheim Image.

✔ He became XSV captain in 2007, taking that team to two first-place finishes in 2010.

Alex Goldman​ – Paintball Player

Alex Goldman was born in 1989 in Mission Viejo, California, and is a professional paintball player as well as a coach for the University of Texas Longhorn Paintball Team. Goldman has played for many different teams throughout his career including teams such as Los Angeles Ironmen, San Antonio X-Factor, Philadelphia Americans, and the Houston Heat.

Alex Goldman​- paintball one of the top 6 players

Alex is known for his huge presence on the field and his ability to keep up with the best players in the world even after being shot multiple times by enemy fire.


He has recently won the NXL Sunshine State Major in 2021.

✔ He also won one of the major paintball events NXLE – 2019 Prague Open.

✔ He is considered one of the highest-ranked pro players of all time.

Todd Adamson – Achievements

Todd Adamson was born on March 12th, 1981 and he is one of the top players in the world when it comes to paintball. He was first selected for the Nations Cup Event in 2002.

Todd Adamson- paintball one of the top 6 players

He is one of the most famous paintball players in the world and he has been playing with the team San Diego Dynasty since 2006. He has been the founder of one of the longest-standing pro teams “Rage”.


✔ Todd Adamson has won 6 Professional Paintball League (PPL) World Cup titles and is one of the most talented paintball players of all time.

✔ Todd Adamson has also played for teams such as Aftershock, Ground Zero, and Los Angeles Ironmen.

✔ He is considered to be a member of the first generation of professional paintball players. Because he started playing when this sport was new and there weren’t a lot of people playing it yet.

Archie MONTEMAYOR – Multi MVP Champion

Archie Montemayor is known as one of the most complete professional paintball players of all time. He had been considered a crucial part of his team throughout his professional career. Archie, also known as Kid Arch has played for X Factor and Dynasty. He is most famous for his skill to play every part of the field. He has shown marvelous capabilities with his field placement, marker skills, and ability to stay focused.

Archie MONTEMAYOR- paintball one of the top 6 players

Even his story was a topic of the famous film “best kids in Texas“.


✔ He has won many paintball events since the 2000s.

✔ Archie is still an active and top professional paintball player.

✔ A film was made about his successful life story as a paintball player.

✔ Archie is a multi MVP champion.

Bob LONG – Top Ranked Paintball Player

Bob Long, mainly known for his extraordinary planning skills in paintball, is one of the most successful players of paintball. He has been playing and winning several events and championships with his team Oakland Assassins. After winning the hearts of people as a player, he entered the paintball business industry in the mid-2000s.

Bob LONG- paintball one of the top 6 players

He is best known for his dedication to the development and improvement of paintball as a sport.


He was a champion in the world of paintball consistently for three decades.

✔ He is one of the greatest paintball coaches of all time.

✔ He designed and implemented new ideas into the sport.

The professionals in the paintball world make thousands of dollars during the peak years of their careers. Most pro players make roughly around $50,000.

Highest paid paintball player

There is no specific number for the highest pay of paintball players. But reportedly top pro paintball players make around $40,000- 60,000 per annum.

Who is the best paintball player in the world?

Mike Paxson is considered one of the best paintball players in the World.

Paxson has won more than 70 events throughout his career and has been a part of 3 World Championship teams (2 times with the San Diego Dynasty, 1 time with Tampa Bay Damage). Paxson has been an X-Ball MVP 4 times in his career (3 times with San Diego Dynasty in 2006, 2007, and 2008 and once with Tampa Bay Damage in 2010).

He has also been named a PSP All-Star 6 times in his career (4 times with San Diego Dynasty and 2 times with Tampa Bay Damage).

To summarize the above-stated facts about top professional paintball players of all time, I would like to say that commitment and dedication are key secrets.

If you want to make a mark in the world of paintball, follow the footsteps of these legends and stay passionate about the sport.

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