What do You Need to Play Paintball- Paintball Equipment List

When you’re playing, there is always a chance that you could get hit with a paintball bullet. Therefore, it is vital to wear the best paintball protective gear available. So you must be thinking what protective paintball equipment is required to play paintball? Then, you should prepare a paintball equipment list for it!

Paintball equipment includes all the gear you need to play paintball in a safe, controlled, and fun manner. This is a very demanding physical sport therefore it requires that you have the right paintball equipment list to help you enjoy the game more. Here are some of the most important pieces of paintball gear.

Here is the Paintball equipment list you need to play paintball;

Paintball Equipment List/ Paintball Gear List

Paintball protective gear is essential to keep you from getting hurt while playing. It is important that you choose the right paintball equipment, as it will dictate the outcome of your game and your safety.

The paintball protective gear has two parts. The first part is the mask that protects the whole face from the impact of paintballs. The second part is a chest protector or body armor that protects the torso, neck, and shoulders.

For safety reasons, it’s recommended that you wear both parts of the protective gear at all times while on the field.

You need to make sure that you have a helmet, padded jumpsuit, a mask, and gloves for extra protection.

Paintball Mask

The paintball mask is the single most important piece of equipment you own on the Paintball equipment list, and the only piece of equipment required by all paintball fields. The mask shields your eyes from enemy fire, and it does not matter how good of a player you are, one shot to the eye will put you out for the rest of the day.

The mask also protects your ears from the loud banging of other players’ guns (or your own). Newer masks even have built-in fans to keep your lenses from fogging up while playing. In addition, many newer masks have detachable visors that can be removed in case they get cracked or broken during play.

paintball equipment- paintball face mask is necessary to play this sport.

Paintball Body Armor

Paintballs can also hit your body and potentially cause bruising or worse – if they hit hard enough. Therefore, it’s important to wear paintball body armor that will protect you from these impacts. Must include in Paintball equipment list.

Paintball body armor comes in many forms – chest protectors and vest-style armor are two popular types of body armor for this high-octane sport.

paintball equipment list-body armor or costume to play paintball

Paintball Gloves

You might think that gloves don’t play a big role in the game of paintball – after all, it’s just your hands that get hit by a bullet from time to time. But a single hard shot on your hands can force you to leave the match at that very moment. So it’s important to wear protective gloves while on the field and include them in the Paintball equipment list.

Air Tank

This is also a necessary piece of equipment that all paintball players need. The air tank stores compressed air to power your gun and it should be added in the Paintball equipment list. Most air tanks are made of aluminum and come with a regulator that regulates the pressure of air flowing through the gun.

paintball equipment list- air tank must be safely carried with the paintball gun equipments.

Some tanks can be filled at gas stations, but most require specialized paintball tanks to fill them up. Paintball fields usually have a store or place where you can refill your tank before or after playtime.

Paintball air Tanks come in many different sizes and designs, each with its advantages and disadvantages. For example, some tanks are smaller and lighter than others, but they may not last as long during play. Some tanks are shaped like real guns and look great on your marker, but they’re heavier than other tanks.

Most tanks cost between $20 to $70 depending on their size and design. Many are available at sporting goods stores or online, but you may need to purchase your tank from a local paintball shop where they can legally fill it with gas.

Paintball Gun

You need a paintball gun to shoot your opponent out and win the game!

There are several different types of paintball guns out there for all kinds of players. Choosing the one that is right for you will depend on your budget, skill level, and what you want to do with it.

If you are a beginner, don’t worry too much about picking the perfect gun. Many models work well for beginners and will get the job done. As your skills improve, you will gain a better understanding of which features you want when upgrading your gear.

Your paintball gun (or marker) is the most important piece in the paintball marker equipment list you will buy. They range in price from $50 to over $1000 depending on the features and design. While a high-end gun isn’t necessary to play, it can be a lot of fun to shoot and show off on the field.

paintball equipment list- paintball gun is the equipment without it you can't play a paintball game.

Paintball Bullets

Paintballs are biodegradable gelatin capsules that contain non-toxic and water-soluble dye. Paintballs are specially designed to mark an opponent with a colored liquid upon impact with the target. The original color used for paintballs was oil-based orange, but now there are various colors available for you to choose from when buying paintball bullets.

Paintball Hopper

The paintball hopper is the container that holds the paintballs and feeds them into the marker’s chamber. Hoppers vary in price, depending on their size and design. Most hoppers can hold up to 200 paintballs and are available at any paintball shop or online.

Most hoppers attach to the top of your marker, but some can be mounted underneath, allowing for a more compact set of equipment.

paintball_equipment-essential for any instant damage

Some commonly asked questions related to paintball equipment.

How much does a set of paintball gear cost?

A complete set of gear can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000 depending on what quality and model you buy and where you buy it from. The final cost of a set of paintball protective gear can vary greatly depending on what brand you choose.

Do you need your own gear for paintball?

For the most part, paintball is a safe sport. But you still need to be properly equipped to play. What you get will depend on who you’re playing with and where. Most fields will have loaner equipment which is good for new players.
But because it’s shared, you may want to look at buying your own paintball equipment after a few games.

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