Paintball Game Facts You Never Knew Before

Paintball is a sport that is earning more and more popularity among the youth and adults around the world. It is a sport that involves running, jumping, hiding, and shooting with a paintball gun. This fun sport is played by different people around the planet. And with this recent surge in its popularity, people want to know more about this sport.

Here I have gathered some interesting and weird paintball facts for your information. My blog includes fun, unusual and engrossing facts about paintball equipment, injuries and game rules.

Paintball Facts About Equipment

The paintball equipment utilized may confer on the game category, for example, woodsball, speedball, or scenario; with varying rules and goals. Paintball facts about equipment are quite interesting to learn.

paintball game facts that must know by a beginner or a professional.

Paintball balls:

These are composed of a non-toxic, biodegradable, and water-soluble polymer. The sport is regularly played at a sporting tier with organized competition entangling worldwide leagues, tournaments, professional squads, and players.

Various types of paintballs are used for playing this game. Some of them are called soft shell paintballs while others are called hard shell paintballs. These different types of paintballs have different characteristics like size, shape, color, and weight.

The softshell paintballs are softer than the hard shell ones but they do not break easily unlike the hard shells which can easily break after being hit or squeezed against each other.

Paintball Gun Facts

Paintballs are usually devoured using a low-energy air weapon called a paintball marker that is powered by packed air (nitrogen) or carbon dioxide. It includes in paintball facts that a paintball marker was originally built for remotely marking trees and animals. The game was originally formulated in the 1980s for entertainment but has since developed into a survival sport.

Now paintball specified and more advanced guns are available in the market that can cost up to $1000.

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Fun Paintball Facts

Though paintball is considered a game of technique and tactics, there are some cool paintball facts about paintball that prove some of the things wrong.

I have enlisted some cool paintball facts here.

  • The First Paintball game-winner was a New Hampshire resident, Ritchie White who won the game without firing even once.
  • Game rules for paintball were written by Bob Gurnsey for the first-ever game of paintball.
  • The first-ever paintball game was a woodsball played between two players in June 1981.
  • The biggest paintball event ever had over 4000 players till now.
  • There are many leagues and organizations currently working for the improvement in this sport.
  • This sport is gaining more vogue in different regions of the World.
  • In 2016, it became the third most popular extreme sport in the USA.

Weird Paintball Facts

Paintball has garnered attention in the mainstream media through television shows featuring paintball, such as Paintball Invasion on SPIKE TV, and through the MTV show If You Knew Me, where paintball was used as an icebreaker to help troubled teens open up to each other.

A few years ago, I was talking to some people who had never played paintball before. I was amazed at how many weird concerns they had about the game. Some were kind of personal and bizarre. So, I started writing down the most common ones that people asked me about the sport. And therein answers you have some weird paintball facts to know about.

1. Is It Painful?

The fact is, NO. It’s fun and exciting. Most injuries occur when players do not wear proper safety equipment or remove safety goggles during play (never remove your goggles – even when you’re out).

2. Can You See In The Mask?

Yes, definitely. Mask is to protect your face not to blind your eyes. Choose a mask that has an anti-fog mechanism in it.

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3. Do You Get Hurt Playing?

Or How Dangerous is Paintball?

Paintball is one of the wariest sports out there. According to the USA, today, fewer people are injured in paintball than badminton, golf, table tennis, or cheerleading.

However, any time you play a contact sport it comes with some risk. Injuries from paintball typically include bumps and bruises from getting hit by a paintball.

4. Are Paintballs Toxic?

Paintballs, also simply called “paint”, are composed of a non-toxic, water-soluble polymer. Paintballs are filled with ingredients like food coloring, water, and polyethylene glycol, which makes them safe for humans to consume if accidentally swallowed. However, getting hit by a paintball at close range can cause injuries if you do not wear protective gear.

5. How fast is the paintball shot?

Paintball markers are speed tested at chronograph before use. The paintball shot has an average velocity of 190 mph.

6. How long does a paintball last?

Approximately 90 minutes. A paintball game lasts about 90 minutes and at an average of 250 rounds.

Field Safety:

Most fields require the use of safety goggles and a loader that covers the paintball gun’s breech to prevent paintballs from accidentally leaving the barrel and hitting someone at close range. Modern gun markers employ a compressed-air tank or Carbon Dioxide(CO2 ) tank. In contrast with other short-range projectile weapons (like pellet guns).

After going through paintball facts, It’s easy to see why so many people enjoy playing paintball games: they are fun! It’s great to be outside, enjoy nature, and spend time with friends. There are also many health benefits associated with playing paintball games such as physical activity, mental stimulation, social bonding.

If you are thinking about starting this wonderful and engaging sport, don’t forget to read my related blog posts.

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