Best Paintball Shoes (Cleats) in 2023- What to Look For?

Paintball is a game of speed and agility that requires a lot of running, jumping, and kicking. Being a sports player requires you to be on your feet for hours at a time and wear proper footwear.

But what kind of shoes should you wear? This is where it gets confusing. There are many types of shoes in the market, from sneakers to running shoes, from sandals to boots, and everything in between.

These shoes will protect your feet from injuries and help you move faster.

You can choose from many different types of footwear but I am going to focus on the best paintball shoes available right now.

Before I get into the best paintball shoes, let’s look at some of the factors that should be taken into consideration while buying them:

What to Look for in Paintball Shoes? 

Paintball shoes are specially designed to provide the player with maximum comfort and flexibility. These shoes also offer a good grip on the ground so that you can run fast without any slips. These shoes are also lightweight so they won’t tire you out during the game.

Best For Outdoor
  • Lightweight sport shoes
  • Easy to wear and maintain
  • Wide and snug fitting options available
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Best For Ankle Support
  • Comfortable and great fit
  • Inexpensive
  • Good ankle support
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Stylish Cleats For Paintball
  • Standard fit design
  • Provides great ankle support
  • High quality sole
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For Indoor Paintball Fields
  • Lace up closure
  • Low top construction
  • Manu color variants available
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Editor’s Choice
  • Nicely designed
  • Excellent Grip with heavy cushion
  • Shoes are made out of synthetic material so easy to clean
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The best paintball shoe should be comfortable, flexible, and durable. In this article, I will discuss some factors like fit, ankle support, traction, and durability that should be kept in mind while buying paintball shoes.

My Top Picks in Best Paintball Cleats (Shoes)

The best paintball shoes(cleats) are the ones that will help you run faster and jump higher. The right pair of paintball cleats can make all the difference between winning and losing.

If you’re looking for a good pair of paintball cleats that won’t break the bank, then look no further than my list below. Here are my top picks for the best paintball cleats:

1. Salomon Men’s Speedcross 5 Shoes

Best For Outdoor
9.5/10 Our Score
  • Material: Synthetic, Textile
  • Weight: 320 grams
  • Sole: Rubber

Salomon speed cross 5 is considered to be the best for rocky outdoor fields. These shoes have a quick lacing system for easy removal and are easy to clean. Speed Cross 5 shoe design is an updated version of speedcross shoes with more space.   

These shoes are for those who don’t want traditional paintball cleats and are looking for plain outdoor shoes with a strong grip and solid support. Solomon speedcross 5 shoes are the best lightweight shoes for paintballs that offer enough stability and a strong grip. The shoes fit perfectly and the laces keep them snug on the feet. The quick lace system is also helpful for a rapid change on the field or if you find that you need to remove the shoes in an emergency situation. No added worry about keeping the standard laces intact to avoid any kicks or toppling over the ground. 

Paintball shoes - Salomon Men’s Speedcross 5 Shoes

The best thing is that these shoes are available in all sizes as well as wide and snug fitting. 

I usually wear standard 9-size shoes but after seeing some reviews and recommendations from fellow players, I ordered a half size up, 9.5 which was a great fit tv on my feet. So I recommend ordering a half size up than your standard size. 

Solomon shoes have many other options for outdoor shoes and offer some variants too with slightly different specifications. Unlike other variants like Supercross and Alpha Cross, speedcross 5 shoes have an updated geometry and more space. 

  • Offers more stability with an updated design  
  • Quick lacing System
  • Easy to Clean
  • Loose sole

Expert View:

Suitable for mountainous regions or rocky paintball fields. These shoes offer excellent push off the grip and are especially suitable on rough surfaces. 

2. HK Army Diggerz_X 1.5 High Top Paintball Cleats

Best For Ankle Support
9.3/10 Our Score
  • Construction: High top construction
  • Weight: 1000 grams
  • Sole: High-Density sole

These are the best paintball cleats for standard feet. Their tight-fit design may not be suitable for wider feet. Diggerz X has a high-top design and looks nice on its feet. They are a bit heavier in weight and provide good sport on the field. 

You want something right but don’t want to buy trail shoes or simple runners? These are the right shoes (cleats) for you. 

These cleats offer great ankle support, are very lightweight, and cleanup is super easy. I was not worried about cleaning these after spending half an hour or more after the tough days of paintballing. I did go a half size up which was definitely the right choice and I guess it’s mandatory for something that is in tight fit design. They were very tight initially but after a few minutes of getting into them, they snuggled my feet and I felt super comfortable afterward. 

best paintball cleats for ankle support-HK Army Diggerz_X 1.5 High Top Paintball Cleats

These shoes look great but are not well constructed. The pair I got just lasted a few weeks. After that, it started falling apart. These are not expensive but still, I was expecting some durability seeing the popularity of these shoes.

The only downside is that they’re a little heavy and bulky compared to some other options on this list; however, if you don’t mind that extra weight on your feet while playing paintball then these will do just fine.

  • Provides ankle support
  • Comfortable sole
  • Nice Looking shoes
  • Tight fit design
  • Less durable

Expert Review 

I found these paintball cleats suitable for players with standard sized feet. It won’t fit wide feet but provides good fit and protection for normal feet. 

3. Nike Force Savage Elite 2 Td Men’s Cleats

Stylish Cleats For Paintball
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Design: High-top construction
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Sole: Rubber

Nike savage elite 2 is designed for outdoor sports like paintball and airsoft. These shoes are suitable for men and are lightweight. These paintball cleats are nice and comfortable but quite expensive as well.  

These are another pair of paintball cleats on my list of best paintball shoes in 2023. The cleats showed up perfectly and seemed very nice and sturdy. They are comfortable, true-to-fit well-made cleats. 

These are also lightweight and nice looking. I especially liked the design and construction of these cleats. 

best paintball shoes- Nike Force Savage Elite 2 Td Men’s Cleats

Shoe straps are made out of average material and don’t fit in place after some use, but if you can use them with care, they will last at least a whole season. 

Another major plus is high-top construction and sound ankle support. 

Though the price seems high, good cleats are hard to come by and I found these well worth the money. (You can buy them directly from the NIKE website as they are offering some discounts on these cleats)

  • Various size and color options
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish design
  • Low-quality Velcro
  • Not for female players

Expert Review 

I recommend these cleats to all the players who want special shoes to stand out from the crowd on the field. These are nice-looking and well-made shoes for men.

4. Beyondjuff Men’s PAINTBALL Shoes

For Indoor Paintball Fields
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Brand: BeyondJuff
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Sole: Rubber

These shoes are available in different color variants. Their low top design is suitable for indoor use only. These are one of the highly rated shoes due to their solid traction and firm support while playing. They might be the best choice for paintball cleats under $100. 

If you are looking for professional paintball shoes and that too for less than $100. BeyondJeff Man’s paintball shoes are the best bet for your needs. The shoes come in a U shape with a traditional lace-up closure. Plus these are available in several color variants and all sizes. 

These shoes are perfect for indoor paintball fields as they are made for plain surfaces including natural grass and artificial synthetic grass. I have been wearing these shoes to indoor matches. I felt comfortable and well in control during quick movements. 

These are low-top cleats so do not provide any ankle support. Consequently, I was once hit hard by a ground obstacle during the course of play. So if you want solid support for that area, do not choose these shoes. Overall, I liked these shoes and the quality of the shoes was also above my expectations. Surely these shoes are worth buying and trying. 

  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Solid traction and Firm support
  • UNISEX design
  • Do not provide ankle support

Expert Review 

I found these shoes’ best paintball cleats for under $100. I recommend these to anyone who goes to paintball sessions occasionally and wants a sturdy pair of shoes for those sessions at less price. 

5. Under Armour Men’s Spotlight Franchise Rm Paintball Shoe

Editor’s Choice
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Brand: Synthetic
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Sole: Rubber

These are waterproof and well made paintball shoes. The quality of the shoes is also well worth the money. Their synthetic material construction makes them durable and more going. These shoes are also very easy to clean.  

These are standard width shoes with a nice and comfortable design. I have been wearing many shoes to my paintball sessions. But I was looking for something with excellent grip and cushioning, and these are excellent with soft cushioning at the sole. 

Seeing the description and popularity of these shoes, I ordered these. I have wide hands but standard feet and these shoes were a bit tighter even in my standard-size feet. 

I guess it was because of the tight-fit design. I used these as my running shoes to check if my feet can break into them easily. After a couple of days, they were feeling great. These are listed as specifically designed for men but after seeing their shape and construction, I can surely recommend these to female players as well.

Under Armour Men’s Spotlight Franchise Rm Paintball Shoe

Shoes are nice in the semi-high top design and provide enough support and traction for tough sessions. These are also durable and won’t go away soon. 

The best part of these shoes is that they are waterproof. So you don’t have to worry about getting wet or getting damaged. They are also easy to clean. 

  • Durable and well made
  • Well priced
  • Waterproof
  • Very tight in the arch of the foot

Expert Review 

I recommend these shoes to anyone looking for a good pair of cleats at a reasonable price. These are great purchases and serve the purpose well.

Choosing the best paintball shoes can be a difficult task because of the many factors that need to be taken into consideration. Here’s a detailed buying guide to help you make an informed choice when buying your next pair of paintball shoes.

1. Price 

The price is one of the most important factors when choosing paintball shoes. The cost should not exceed your budget, but at the same time, it should not be too low either.

2. Quality

The quality of the shoe determines how long it will last, so it is important that you choose high-quality shoes that will last longer than others in the market. Also, look for brands with a good reputation and track record in making high-quality products because they are more likely to make durable products than new companies trying their hands on making footwear for paintball.

3. Functionality 

Functionality refers to what purpose the shoe is made for and how well it performs in its given purpose or function. For instance, if you want to go paintballing with your friends on weekends, you may want to get a pair of lightweight sneakers that are easy to wear and take off as quickly as possible when needed during a game or tournament.

4. Material

It is important to choose a material that is light, breathable, and comfortable for long hours of playing. The material should also be durable so that it lasts for long periods without wearing out quickly or tearing apart easily.

5. Design

The design of this shoe should be such that it supports your ankles properly and does not cause any kind of injury or discomfort during playtime or after it as well (if there is any pain in your ankle). You also need to ensure that the design is comfortable for you so that you do not feel any kind of irritation while wearing it or after wearing it too much!

6. Comfortability

You need to find out whether it feels comfortable on your feet or not. Does it have padding inside? Is it breathable? How much cushioning does it provide? The last thing that anyone wants when playing paintball is blisters forming on their feet because they didn’t wear comfortable shoes. 

Can we wear metal cleats in Paint?

No, we cannot wear metal cleats in paintball. In fact, anything made out of metal should be avoided in paintball. This is necessary to have a safe paintballing experience.

Should I wear cleats or shoes to paintball?

Well, there is no rule for them regarding what to wear for paintball. It totally depends on the field conditions and the style of play. Plain running shoes will be great for smooth indoor fields whereas hiking boots and plastic true cleats would be a good choice for uneven outdoor fields. 

Final Recommendations 

The best paintball shoes are those that keep you comfortable during long games and help you avoid foot pain. If you’ve never played paintball before, choosing the right footwear can be confusing. There are many different kinds of cleats available, each with its own set of pros and cons.

So, how do you know which paintball cleats are right for you? Well, first you need to know what kind of playing conditions you’ll be facing, and then see my final recommendations here.

👉 Under Armour Men’s Paintball Shoe: If you’re new to paintball and want a pair of cleats that won’t break the bank, check out this pair. They’re durable and comfortable, with an impressive amount of protection for their price.

👉 HK Army Diggerz_X 1.5 Hightop Paintball Cleats: These boots are great for beginner players and intermediate players alike because they have a high-top design, which makes them more suitable for full protection than other boots on this list. 

👉 Salomon Men’s Speedcross 5 Shoes: These boots are perfect if you prefer a more smooth style over grip or mobility; they offer incredible protection but at the expense of flexibility!

The above list includes some affordable choices as well as some expensive ones. I hope you can choose any of these according to your budget and needs.

Harold Willoughby

Author: Harold Willoughby

I am a paintball enthusiast and a pro with over 12 years of professional experience in the paintball battleground. I have now dedicated my life towards training people in professional paintball competitions and tournaments.