How To Measure Speed of Paintball Gun- Best Paintball Chronographs

The speed of the paintball marker is measured in meters per second (MPS). This is the velocity of your marker when it shoots a shell at a target. The speed of a paintball marker can be measured using a chronograph. The time of firing is measured by measuring the distance from when the trigger is pulled until it hits the target. 

In simple terms, a paintball gun chronograph measures how long it takes for a marker to shoot, and this information can be used to calculate how far projectiles can travel after being fired from the gun. Chronographs can also measure the kinetic energy of shooting and a couple of other factors depending upon the model of the Chronograph you are using.

What does Chrono Mean in Paintball?

The paintball Chrono or chronograph is a must-have tool for any paintball player. It gives you the exact data on how fast your paintball gun is shooting. The chronograph can be used to test the accuracy of your gun, as well as its power and velocity.

There are several advantages to using a chronograph for testing your paintball gun’s speed. It allows you to see where you are shooting accurately, and it helps you become more familiar with your gun’s performance. You will also learn how fast you can shoot on different settings, which will allow you to make adjustments when needed so that you can get better results from your gun.

Chronographs come in many different forms, but they all work in much the same way as each other: they measure how long it takes for a marker to shoot through a certain distance (in meters or yards), and then convert that data into ft/s depending on what type of device is being used.

Types of Paintball Chronographs

There are mainly many variations of Chronographs available in the market. But we can categorize them into two basic categories.

1. Handheld chronographs

These are small low-cost badges for personal use. Handheld chronographs such as Doppler paintball Chrono radar are used by players and degrees on the field to make sure their gun is firing at a certain required speed.

2. Professional tabletop chronographs

These are professional settings to radar the speed of your paintball markers. This tabletop choreography is available at commercial stores to accurately know the speed, power, and accuracy of your gun. These are also available at larger paintball fields that allow certain risky scenario games and reinforce gun speed rules. These are expensive and need high investment.

4 Best paintball Chronographs to Radar The Speed of Markers

Here is the list of the top 4 paintball Chronos to radar your gun speed. I have personally used these chronographs and shared my personal product reviews along with features, pros, and cons for your help and I guess you would be happy to read on till you make a final buying decision.

Cheap Paintball Chronograph
  • Higher speed range
  • Value for money
  • Lightweight hence easy to carry
Check on AmazonCheck on Walmart
Best Accurate Chrono Radar
  • Various sensitivity settings
  • Made for mag fed markers
  • Mid range speed limit
Check on AmazonCheck on Cabelas
Best for Champions
  • Handheld chronradar
  • Nearly accurate readings
  • Easy to operate
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Best For Beginners
  • Narrow speed range
  • Large Display
  • Made for basic gun’s speed testing
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Buying Guide

In this guide, I will tell you all about the important factors to consider while buying a chronograph for your paintball gun. If you carefully look into the specification and features of the chronographs, you would be able to make a safe decision.


The most important thing to understand when buying a paintball chronograph is that you do not want to get one that is too sensitive, because then it will always be off by some amount and could give false readings. The best type of Chrono is one that has a very low sensitivity and will read down to .01 fps accurately.

Your Needs

It’s crucial to know your needs before choosing a chronograph. If you are an occasional player who usually goes paintballing once in three months or so you may find a simple handheld chronograph suitable to radar your gun’s speed. But if you’re planning about starting your own paintball field and want to buy a more accurate gadget, buying a tabletop Chrono would be a great investment.

Price Point

Price is another crucial factor to consider before buying this gadget for your favorite sport. If you want anything suitable within $100 finding a basic handheld model would be the option for you. But if you don’t give a damn about the price point and want a high-tech gadget to know the performance of your advanced marker, you can easily go for the more expensive choice available out there.

Easy to Carry

If you are buying a paintball Chrono for personal use make sure it’s lightweight and portable. If you choose a model that is heavy in weight, you won’t be able to carry that with you on the ground. So make sure you choose something lightweight and easy to carry so you can make quick adjustments.

I expect now you have narrowed down your choices for the best handheld or professional paintball chronograph.

1. Sports Sensors Paintball Radarchron – Doppler Radar Sensor

Cheap Paintball Chronograph under $100
9.1/10 Our Score
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 0.4 pounds
  • Speed Range: 150-450 fps
  • Variants: Tan

This paintball radarchron is easy to use and reads the measurements on the LED display. It’s less expensive and lightweight hence easy to carry on the field.  

This is the first handheld chronograph on my list of best paintball chronographs. The gadget is easy to use and comes with a good quality plastic casing to save the internal parts from dust and dirt.

It does come with a Velcro loop to hang it off your barrel, but I never used that as I just held it there with my hand. It only takes a couple of shots to find out how many FPS your gun is shooting.

 Sports Sensors Paintball Radarchron- Cheap paintball choronograph

The apparatus is also very easy to use and understand the readings. But it somehow lacks accuracy. I used it with my professional ballistic Chrono radar and the readings were slightly inaccurate.

  • Easy to carry in the field 
  • Nice LED display
  • Lightweight
  • Less accurate
  • Very expensive

Expert Review

It’s a must-have device for serious paintball players. I would recommend this to anyone low on budget. You can use it carefully and it will last longer.

2. MagnetoSpeed Sporter Barrel-Mounted Ballistics Chronograph

Best Accurate Ballistic Paintball Chrono Radar
9.2/10 Our Score
  • Material: Blend
  • Weight: 0.39/kilograms
  • color: Black

It is one of the highly bought ballistic chronographs. It’s lightweight and comes with many sensitivity settings. One of the best for mechanical markers and guns.  

I was a bit skeptical about purchasing this magneto-speed ballistic chronograph because of the negative experiences people had with this. But I wanted to use it personally and ordered this back in April this year and found it a nice mid-range Chrono.

MagnetoSpeed Sporter Barrel- Mounted Ballistics Chronograph - Best accurate ballistic paintball Chrono radar

Accuracy is very good too, I also have a Caldwell Ballistic Chrono and the readings have been pretty much dead on shooting through both. Just can’t use the Caldwell at indoor ranges since they frown on going past the firing line, the MS Sporter solves that issue.

But I did not find it suitable for use with electro-pneumatic markers due to the movement of the slide.

  • Lightweight
  • Multiple sensitivity settings
  • Suitable for other gun sports too
  • Not suitable for automatic Markers

Expert Review

I would recommend this to players with long-barreled mechanical guns and markers. It’s mid-range and provides accurate readings.

3. X-Radar Custom Chronograph Deluxe Handheld Chronograph

Best X-radar Chronograph for Champions
9.5/10 Our Score
  • Material: Blend
  • Weight: 0.16 kilograms
  • Speed Range: 150-399 fps
  • Power Source: Battery Powered

This is one of the handheld chronographs widely used by top paintball players. The gadget comes with an LCD display and operates on a standard 9-volt battery. It’s an accurate device unlike many others available in the market.  

This is by far the best handheld chronograph to be used in the paintball world. This paintball Chrono may not be stylish and sleek looking, but it serves the purpose well. It helps greatly in improving the performance of paintball guns especially if you are trying to upgrade your paintball markers for increased accuracy and better power.

 X-Radar Custom Chronograph Deluxe Handheld Chronograph - best paintball chronograph

I extensively used this Chrono and counter-checked the gun readings with that of a professional tabletop chronograph available in my field and found it almost accurate. It can precisely measure the gun shooting speed between 150 to 399 fps.

The only negative point I felt is that there is no way to hold it properly on a field that feels awkward.

  • Easy to Use
  • Accurate than any of the other counterpart
  • Suitable for other gun sports too
  • Perfect for testing new barrel or paint upgrades
  • Difficult to carry on the field

Expert Review

This is my go-to Chrono to radar my paintball marker speed. If you want something durable and accurate yet easy to use go for this X-radar chronograph.

4. Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun for Paintball

Best Paintball Chrono for Beginners
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Material: ABS
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Power Source: Battery Powered

This is a speed gun that can measure your gun speed accurately and easily. The measuring speed range is quite narrow so works well only for beginners who have basic paintball markers. 

This is a battery-operated speed-measuring Chrono for paintball and general purposes. Unlike other X-radar or Tippmann chronographs, this is heavier in weight probably due to the larger batteries used in this speed gun.

The speed measuring accuracy range is a bit narrower but it measures accurately. Due to its reliability and functionality, it is used by many new players who have basic markers. The display of the Bushnell Chrono is also larger than any of the other chronographs on the list.

But it doesn’t provide any readings about the kinetic velocity or accuracy of the shot. So would not be suitable for professional use.

  • Very easy to use
  • Large display
  • Multi-purpose Chrono
  • Heavier in weight
  • Suitable for lower speed markers only

Expert Review

This is a multipurpose speed gun and can be used to measure the shooting speed of paintball markers. It can not measure a high-speed shot accurately but is suitable for basic markers and beginner players.

Conclusion: Buy the Best Paintball Chronographs Online

While paintball Chrono or chromographs to radar gun speed are essential pieces of gear, these aren’t available to buy at many sports stores. Buying the best paintball chronographs online is the only option left for players. But buying online needs extensive research and money to get one final product that serves the purpose. Here working completely on the side of players (YOU), I have tried to narrow down the list of options available. By consulting the above-shared paintball chronograph reviews you can choose one that suits your needs and serves the purpose.


How fast does a paintball gun shoot?

The average shooting speed of a paintball gun is around 250 fps. An average paintball gun can shoot as fast as 300 fps or slightly above this. But all paintball fields have certain rules for muzzle velocity. Some fields restrict shooting speed must not above 280 fps.

Is it necessary to buy a paintball photograph?

Yes, having at least a small handheld chronograph is essential if you are a regular player. It helps you to keep a close eye on the performance of your paintball gun. It also makes your gun more durable and long-lasting. It’s a crucial piece of equipment for better performance and reliability of your gun.

Harold Willoughby

Author: Harold Willoughby

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