How Far Can A Paintball Gun Shoot?

Written by Harold Willoughby
Edited by Johnny Ross

Have you ever thought about how far a paintball gun can shoot? Are you curious about this, if you shoot then how far it will go?

The answer is very simple: “it depends”. Depending on your purpose of using a paintball gun, you need to choose a paintball gun that will suit your needs. For example, if you want to use it to play simulation games then it is important that you choose one which has high accuracy so that you can hit your opponents easily and knock them out of the game.

Paintball guns shoot around 280 feet on average but can reach a maximum of 300 to 400 feet if you make some modifications. In this article, I’ll thrash some light on the topic of “how far can a paintball gun shoot”


Paintball Gun Range Variations

Paintball guns or markers are classified as mechanical, pump, or semi-automatic. A mechanical marker has only one firing mode, which is semi-auto. Pump action markers have to be cocked before each shot but can also be fired as fast as the player can cock and shoot the marker. Semi-automatic markers fire a single shot each time the trigger is pulled, at a rate determined by how fast the trigger is pulled.

How Far Can A Paintball Gun Shoot- shooting range depends on the type of guns.

So you can select and buy the one according to your mastery and capability in Paintball.

Paintball gun shooting range

The range of a paintball gun relies on the fact whether it is a mechanical marker or an electronic one. Mechanical markers tend to have a lower velocity than electronic markers which means they don’t go as far. The velocity of a mechanical marker is usually around 250-280fps while the velocity of an electronic marker is usually around 280-300fps.

The higher the feet per second, the more your paintballs will fly before striking the surface. This means that if you want more range out of your paintball gun, you should upgrade it to an electronic one with better accuracy and more power.

Long Range Paintball Gun

Paintballs are made from gelatin and therefore they can be easily crushed or damaged if they hit something hard like concrete or metal surfaces at high speeds. If you want your paintballs to fly further, you can make some modifications to your current marker or upgrade your gun to an advanced model to increase the paintball gun range.

Long range markers are preferred by players interested in speedball format.

How can a paintball gun shoot farther?

You can make a paintball shoot farther by improving the barrel, increasing air pressure, and putting a heavier paintball in the gun.

Paintball Gun Shooting-check barrel and air pressure.

🔵 The primary aspect to boost is the barrel. If you have a cheap gun that came with a cheap barrel, you should upgrade it to a barrel that has better accuracy. You should also clean out your barrel before each game to ensure there aren’t any leftover paintballs or oil from previous games.

🔵 Another means to improve the range of your paintball marker is by improving air pressure. This can be done with an aftermarket regulator or just by pumping up more often during gameplay. If you want to get even more range out of your gun, you can increase its FPS (feet per second) by replacing its springs with stronger versions from another manufacturer or buying an upgraded spring kit for less than $20 online.

🔵 The final way is by putting heavier paintballs in your gun. Heavier paintballs will make it easier for players who are new at shooting because they won’t have as much recoil when firing them off as lighter ones do.

How Far Can a Paintball Gun Shoot normally?

The distance that a paintball gun can shoot depends on several factors including the type of paintball gun, tank/hopper efficiency, and the weight of the paintballs. The average distance that paintballs are shot at is around 260 to 280 feet per second (FPS).

Paintball markers do not have an accurate range of paintball gun shooting because they have different types of tanks and also different weights of paintballs.

Paintball Shooting Distance- paintball travel speed is 200-300 feet.


Here I have responded to some of the popular queries asked by paintball players.

How accurate are paintball guns?

Paintball guns generally are not very accurate, especially compared to real guns. They do not have sights, so the only way to aim is by using gravity and predicting how far your opponent will move.

How many FPS (feet per second) does a paintball gun shoot?

Paintball guns can shoot 300fps – 400fps. But every gun has its own specific shooting range.

How far can you shoot a paintball gun?

Paintballs travel at speeds of 200-300 feet per second and are accurate up to 150 feet. But there is no fixed rule for the range as it depends upon many factors.

How do Paintball Barrel Lengths Affect Shooting Ranges?

The size of the barrel will also influence how far your paintball Gun Shoots as well. The longer your barrel is, the more stable it will be in flight and also the more accuracy you will get. If you need to shoot at extreme ranges, then you should consider getting a barrel with a longer length so that you will be able to hit your target accurately every time you shoot from your marker.
Paintball guns are designed to shoot up to 300 feet, but they usually don’t shoot that far. So if you really want to get a paintball gun with a specific shooting range, do check the latest models available to purchase online.
But if you are still uncertain about the subject do check the related topics on the website to know more about the paintball guns shooting range.